10 recruitment trends to watch out for in 2023          

Posted by Tilt Recruitment on December 16th, 2022

10 recruitment trends to watch out for in 2023          

Posted by Tilt Recruitment on December 16, 2022

A recent iHire survey of over 4,000 jobseekers and employers has revealed some crucial trends for business leaders looking to recruit and retain talent in 2023.

#1 No end to the talent drought

For the fourth year in a row, employers polled said finding qualified candidates was one of their top hiring challenges. Almost seven in 10 said they had too few applicants, a similar percentage said their applicants were unqualified, and about eight in 10 expected the talent shortage to continue through 2023.

#2 Employers may be being too picky

While employers said qualified talent was hard to find, jobseekers in the survey offered another perspective, with 38.5% saying they thought employers had unrealistic or overspecific requirements. Some said they had recently applied for a job despite not meeting the requirements.

#3 The Great Resignation is still going

57.3% of candidates surveyed were employed but actively or passively looking for work, suggesting that reports of an end to the Great Resignation have been greatly exaggerated. Employers expect to have difficulty retaining staff in 2023.

#4 Economic uncertainty will impact hiring

Both candidates and employers expect a looming recession to impact their ability to find jobs and staff in the coming year. Nearly 70% of jobseekers would be more likely to apply for a job if the ad was transparent about the salary range.

#5 Job boards will remain key

About 60% of employers started relying more on job boards in 2022, and a similar proportion of jobseekers used job boards to look for work in the past year. 66.3% would go to a job board first if they needed immediate work.

#6 “Ghosting” scares both jobseekers and employers

Just over half of employers polled were frustrated with unresponsive applicants, and over 40% of jobseekers cited ghosting by employers as their main job search challenge. Clearer communication is needed in both directions.

#7 Remote work is getting harder to find, but jobseekers are still looking

Candidates are struggling to find remote jobs, and employers anticipate that the ongoing enthusiasm for remote work will make hiring harder in 2023.

#8 Rapid hiring processes will win top talent

Many candidates polled said they would be more likely to apply for a role if the employer made the application process shorter, and almost 20% cited “long application processes” as a top job search challenge. 26% wanted cover letters to be optional. Employers need to show applicants that they value their time in order to win candidates.

#9 As many reasons for seeking jobs as there are jobseekers

While jobseekers polled cited general unhappiness with their current jobs as their main reason for looking for new opportunities, one in five selected “other” and wrote in their own reasons. These included redundancy, needing more flexibility, needing a second or part-time role, returning to work after taking time out over care responsibilities, or coming out of retirement. This brings us to our last trend…

#10 Boomers are unretiring

About 7.5% of jobseekers polled had already retired and were re-entering the workforce, an increase of 2.9% on the previous year. The “unretirement” trend is largely due to declining pension funds and the rising cost of living.

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