2022 Trends Tech Employers Should Know

Posted by Tilt Recruitment on April 29th, 2022

2022 Trends Tech Employers Should Know

Posted by Tilt Recruitment on April 29, 2022

Tech professionals are on the move.

One survey indicated that over 70% were considering a job change–which is less unusual in 2022, when workers on the whole have been quitting in droves, but is still a higher percentage than in other industries.

The message to employers is clear: valuable tech talent is not expendable. To attract and retain the people they need, businesses will have to offer more–not just pay and benefits, but work-life balance, a positive environment, and promising career development opportunities.

With many companies returning to offices that are now two years out of date or debuting hybrid work options, IT departments are hiring like mad. Many of these new hires will support expanded work-from-home capacity–often while working remotely themselves. A majority of tech professionals prefer to work from home, so while only a small portion of today’s open positions are fully remote, that number is expected to increase as businesses court top talent.

Many IT professionals received raises or promotions during the pandemic as companies scrambled to roll out their WFH schemes, and career-ladder prospects within the sector are likely to remain on an upward tack. Those that didn’t see the stress they took during these frantic fixes reflected in their paychecks (or at least their performance reviews) have reported feeling that their employers didn’t value the effort the pandemic required of them–hence the high number of IT workers seeking new and better jobs in 2022.

Expect tech department budgets to expand somewhat now that the pandemic squeeze has eased–companies will be adopting, updating, and installing things that were previously on the back burner. While they do, they can cater to a crisis-hardened hiring pool by offering positions with flexible hours, sign-on benefits, and lots of opportunity for education and career development.

IT workers kept business up and running during lockdown. Hopefully, for many, this will be the year they see the fruits of their labour.

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