2023’s 5 key tech skills for jobs

Posted by Tilt Recruitment on January 13th, 2023

2023’s 5 key tech skills for jobs

Posted by Tilt Recruitment on January 13, 2023

The world of jobs is changing, and this means the skills that candidates need are also changing. With AI and automation taking on a lot of work – meaning that labour and manual jobs are being taken care of elsewhere – it’s likely that there will be a big focus on jobs that require thought and decision making, which AI and automation are incapable of. Strategy, creativity and emotional intelligence cannot be replicated by technology. In 2023, workers in industry and enterprise will be needed to provide the human element that machines are missing.


You will need these five tech skills to ensure that you have a place in the changing industry.


  • Data Communication – According to recent figures, 70% of jobs will involve working directly with data very soon. This means that every company will need workers who can interpret data, and communicate the information to others. This isn’t simply a case of relying on facts and figures, it means being a storyteller. You must be able to see how data fits into the bigger picture; such as explaining insights and why they are important to the business. Being skilled in PowerBI, Tableau and Qlik is helpful here. For thousands of years, stories have been used to share information and pass on key details, and this will become a vital part of working with data in 2023.


  • Augmented Working – Augmented working is the ability to work alongside AI tools and it’s an increasingly important skill to have in 2023. With more businesses utilising AI technology, those with augmented working experience are sure to stand out. People in cybersecurity, UX and digital marketing are all going to be expected to utilise the benefits of AI technology, so being familiar with working alongside these tools is key. Being able to find opportunities to boost human skills using AI is also key.


  • Digital Marketing – Using digital marketing, it’s possible for a business to garner the attention of potential customers and clients, and then showcase their offerings. Digital marketing uses the likes of social media, influencers, SEO, blogging, email marketing and AR to capture the interest of others. With so many competitor businesses vying for the same sales, digital marketing has never been more important. As long as digital marketers are able to develop their skills to include AI and the latest digital marketing tools, they will be a valuable commodity for any company.


  • User Experience Design (UX) – UX is becoming an increasingly valuable skill, and this is set to continue throughout 2023. Thanks to digital transformation, almost all businesses are becoming tech businesses in some way, and this means that all jobs are gaining tech elements. Having UX skills helps to ensure that technology is usable by everyone, something that a growing number of businesses are in need of. Industries are moving towards low-code and no-code platforms, giving organisations the freedom to create applications designed specifically for their customers. With more people making use of technology, UX experts are continually in high demand.


  • Cybersecurity – With an increase in working from home and remote working, cybersecurity has become more important than ever. It’s not something that only IT departments have to deal with, it’s now something that all employees are being expected to take responsibility for. However, this doesn’t mean that cybersecurity specialists are going to be out of a job. In fact, they are going to be relied upon more than ever. In 2023, having cybersecurity skills will make you a hugely valuable employee, one that can benefit the company in a variety of ways. Cybersecurity skills are diverse, and having them makes you an attractive worker in any industry.

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