4 Career Skills To Succeed In A Post-Pandemic World

Posted by Tilt Recruitment on June 23rd, 2020

4 Career Skills To Succeed In A Post-Pandemic World

Posted by Tilt Recruitment on June 23, 2020

Our workplaces are changing. The new challenges presented by COVID-19 have forced many businesses to re-think how they operate and in turn, how we work. With this comes a shift in the type of skills companies require. News outlets have been quick to focus on redundancy figures and job cut stats but what they fail to mention is all the new and emerging roles that have been bought about by the pandemic. Change can sometimes be unsettling but it’s certainly not all bad and the post-COVID world could present new and exciting opportunities for many. 

We have summarised a few key skills that are transferable across industries and that could help you with your job search. 


1- Adaptability and Flexibility

Workplaces had already begun to change long before Covid-19 arrived, the pandemic simply accelerated this transition period. A ‘job for life’ is already a novel statement and now it’s almost certain that you won’t remain with the same company in the same role forever.

The ability to adapt and be flexible with ease is key. You will need to remain open-minded and willing to continuously refresh your skills.

Companies will continue to change so remaining one step ahead will largely rest on your willingness to embrace change rather than fight it. 

2- Tech Savviness

The digital future is already here and one of the best ways to future-proof your career prospects is to acquire or develop your tech skills. Organisations have been very transparent about their heavy reliance on tech during the last few months with many attributing it to the only way they have been able to stay operational.

Companies will continue to try and become more resilient to unknown threats and disruptions by integrating technology into their business models.

Candidates with strong technology skills will be incredibly desirable and so it’s vital that you can work with tech tools and use them to your best advantage

3- Creativity & Innovation

We can guarantee if you have still been working during this period you will have found new and inventive ways to get stuff done! There’s nothing like a global pandemic to make you think outside the box and get creative. As much as tech skills are incredibly valuable thy can’t match human creativity and innovation. This is a great time to put these skills to the test.

The ‘new normal’ is emerging but it’s certainly not set in stone and now is your chance to pave the way.

If you can be a forward-thinker and breathe new life into old ways of working you will become an indispensable member of your team. 

4- Emotional Intelligence

An overwhelming feeling of uncertainty has dominated the past few months. It has contributed to a loss in productivity and has left employees feeling demotivated and uninspired. That is unless, of course, you have worked alongside team members with high EQ (Emotional Intelligence). These are likely the team members who have got you all involved with the company’s virtual quiz, the ones who checked-in on you and organised a birthday shout-out for you on the company linked-in page. Emotional intelligence is all about an understanding and awareness of other’s emotions.

One key challenge we have all faced is how to stay connected whilst being physically distant and someone with high EQ might just have a great answer for you.

These interpersonal skills can’t be machine automated and will be held in high regard by organisations of all sizes across all industries.

Whilst we can’t predict the future, we can certainly be a little more prepared for it. It’s the perfect time to improve your skill, rise to a new challenge and put your best foot forward. 

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