5 skills you need on your CV in 2022

Posted by Tilt Recruitment on April 1st, 2022

5 skills you need on your CV in 2022

Posted by Tilt Recruitment on April 1, 2022

​In the post-pandemic job market, transferable skills are in high demand. If you’re looking for a new job this year, make sure your CV reflects the value you bring, in the terms companies are searching for.


  1. Communication Skills

Especially now, with more employers going remote, a sought-after candidate will usually display a winning combo of interpersonal, writing, and tech affinities that can be bundled up under the heading of “communication skills.” If any of your past roles include explaining concepts to a team, collaborating in person or on digital platforms, or listening to and applying directions and feedback from written or verbal conversations, make sure to work that into your description


  1. Problem-solving

This is one of the most important skills managers look for in almost every field. Your descriptions of your experience and skills should incorporate examples of situations you had to analyse critically and find a solution for–bonus points if the solution led to the team implementing something new. Show that you’re an innovator, and you’re likely to find yourself with a packed slate of interviews–particularly in tech, marketing, and other fast-moving sectors.


  1. Adaptability

It’s not news that in the past couple of years, business has changed a lot. And it’s likely to keep changing–technology is ramping up, climate change is bearing down, the global economy is less stable, and many industries are answering for decades of shortcuts. If you can look at that list and see exciting challenges among the scary uncertainties, employers want to know about it. More and more–especially in management roles–the ideal employee is one who’s flexible and positive in the face of problems, and proactive when all seems quiet. 


  1. Project Management

Streamlining and decentralisation in large companies has brought about a situation where even entry-level employees often need the skills of a manager. Especially in remote companies, most roles today require planning, organisation, time management, and the ability to break down complex tasks effectively. Have you had a role where you had to keep multiple deadlines or create your own processes? Make sure hiring managers know about it.


  1. Emotional Intelligence

As our understanding of human psychology grows, organisational leaders are coming to understand that emotional intelligence–the skill to respond to one’s own and others’ emotions in constructive ways–is one of the keys to an effective workplace. On your CV and in your interview process, be sure to share stories of times you had to perform under stress or turn a setback into a growth opportunity. Just in describing difficult situations like this in an upbeat, self-confident light, you may say something employers have been hoping to hear.

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