5 top tech startups in North-West England in 2021

Posted by Tilt Recruitment on September 30th, 2021

5 top tech startups in North-West England in 2021

Posted by Tilt Recruitment on September 30, 2021

The North West of England is breeding unicorns, according to a new report from London Tech Week and UK Tech Cluster Group.

Home to six of Britain’s 14 digital unicorns, the North West has been a hub of tech innovation from the Industrial Revolution to its key role in the development of computing.

Tech startups and scale-ups are now thriving in the region, which has excellent rail, road and air connections and includes the UK’s second and seventh largest cities, Manchester and Liverpool. These five innovative companies are definitely ones to watch.

Location: Manchester
Founded: 2012
Founder/s: Ali Moiyed

AccessPay offers a secure digital connection to more than 16,000 banks and payment schemes around the world. With thousands of users, the platform enables companies, banks and other fintechs to automate treasury processes, payments and collections, freeing up finance functions for other tasks. With over £15m in funding, AccessPay is backed by several top UK and US venture capitalists.

Location: Manchester
Founded: 2014
Founder/s: Richard Potter, David Leitch, Atul Sharma

Peak’s AI system enables companies to make better commercial decisions using the power of AI and data analytics. With clients as high-profile as ASOS, AO and PepsiCo, the company has raised about £18.5 million in funding so far and made the Sunday Times list of 100 Best Small Companies to Work For in 2020.

Location: Manchester
Founded: 2013
Founder/s: Michael Brennan

Created as an app for school students to discreetly report bullying and abuse, it’s now been adapted for businesses and sports clubs, allowing employers to understand staff concerns. It provides a safe and anonymous environment for people to report and resolve issues. The company has already made a big splash and is growing rapidly.

Location: Liverpool
Founded: 2018
Founder/s: Lee Omar

SafeSteps helps care homes identify vulnerable residents and reduce their risk of falling. Based on NICE guidelines, SafeSteps’ real-time dashboard enabled overwhelmed care workers to provide more proactive and responsive care during the crisis of the pandemic.

A spin-off from R&D company Red Ninja, the company started out by creating software to help care homes respond to fall-related injuries, before pivoting to create a COVID symptom tracker during the pandemic. By late 2020, it was on track to serve over 1,000 care homes, and its tracker had been used over 100,000 times to track COVID-19 symptoms in residents.

Push Doctor
Location: Manchester
Founded: 2015
Founder/s: Eren Ozagir, Matt Elcock

One of the leading lights of the new digital healthcare movement, Push Doctor connects thousands of patients each week with doctors online and via smartphone. The company partners with the NHS to serve 5.4 million patients across the UK and is rated ‘Good’ by the Care Quality Commission.

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