6 qualities that will make you shine in a tech job interview

Posted by Tilt Recruitment on February 3rd, 2023

6 qualities that will make you shine in a tech job interview

Posted by Tilt Recruitment on February 3, 2023

A technical interview is an opportunity to show off your programming skills and win the role you deserve. You’ll need to demonstrate how you solve problems, why your character makes you a good fit, and why the hiring manager should choose you over all the other candidates they’re seeing.

Here are the six hottest, most sought-after qualities that will make you stand out in your next tech interview.


  1. In-depth understanding of software architecture

You’ll need to be able to demonstrate that you understand not just how to use the various software tools you’ll be working with, but how they interact with the hardware and how to make smart decisions when building software architecture.


  1. Role-specific skills

If you’re applying for a specific role like Cloud Architect or front-end JavaScript developer, make sure you’ve mastered skills that are relevant for the role and are ready to talk about it. You’re likely to be asked to explain the reasoning behind decisions you’ve made or would make, which frameworks you prefer and why. Know your opinions and prepare to explain them in depth.


  1. Ability to work well with others

This is particularly important for new graduates. You need to be knowledgeable enough to go into a codebase and be able to understand what’s happening and what everyone is doing in the project.


  1. Relevant work experience

To some extent, your work experience is as relevant as you make it. Think about the transferable skills you’ve developed in past roles, and get ready to talk about what contribution you made, what impact you had on projects and teams, and how this relates to the role you’re going for. Demonstrate your confidence in doing tasks that are relevant to the job and how valuable your experience could be to the company.


  1. Ability to prioritise

This one is particularly important if you’re going for a more senior role. You need to be able to discuss the challenges and opportunities inherent in scaling an application, to answer high-level technical questions, and to tell stories that demonstrate your work ethic, methodology, and problem-solving skills.


  1. A common interest

Interviewers have a secret weakness–deep down, most of them would really like to hire themselves. Demonstrate that you’re the next best thing by connecting with your interviewer over something you have in common. It’s a tried-and-tested way to make sure they remember you. If you have a common interest, make sure you spend a bit of time bonding with them over it–but beware of getting too informal.

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