Are you driving tech talent away?

Posted by Tilt Recruitment on November 18th, 2021

Are you driving tech talent away?

Posted by Tilt Recruitment on November 18, 2021

COVID-19, Brexit and the IR35 reform have created a talent drought of Biblical proportions. In this market, candidates interview you. Are you getting rejected?

In tech, the need for specialist skills has created an even more complex and competitive market, and the only way to survive is to beat your competitors to the top talent. That means taking a critical look at your recruitment process–because candidates will be.

The top talent won’t wait

In a candidate’s market, hiring needs to be fast and proactive. You need to make hiring decisions fast and communicate them to the winning candidates as soon as possible, because yours won’t be the only offer on their table. They should be hearing back from you within 48 hours after interview.

Improve your candidate experience

Make your recruitment process as simple and enjoyable as possible by being open and honest throughout. Set expectations and timelines early on and provide a single point of contact candidates can go to with questions.

Curtains for multiple stages

If your interview process has more than three stages, you need to cut some or risk putting off candidates. If you need several people to meet the candidate before hiring, get them all together to ask one or two questions each in the course of a single interview.

Use a trusted recruitment partner

No matter how fast you make your in-house recruitment, or how hard you work on your candidate experience, you’ll still lose out to competitors who are working with a specialised professional recruitment partner.

Reducing speed-to-hire, creating an optimal candidate experience, and connecting employers with their ideal employees is our experts’ full-time job–and we have specialists with in-depth market knowledge in a wide range of industries. Contact us today to find out how we can give you the edge.

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