Coding bootcamp: better than a computer science degree?

Posted by Tilt Recruitment on August 5th, 2021

Coding bootcamp: better than a computer science degree?

Posted by Tilt Recruitment on August 5, 2021

If you don’t have a computer science degree, why would a coding bootcamp get you hired over someone who does?

We recently did a LinkedIn Poll with our network of clients and asked if they would prefer to hire a graduate from a coding bootcamp or a computer science graduate or if they actually had no preference and these were the results.

• Yes, prefer Bootcamp Graduate – 32%
• No, prefer Science Graduate – 32%
• No preference – 36%

The results clearly show that not all employers are looking for the same thing. If you want to learn to code, you want to choose a pathway that’ll get you hired. Coding bootcamp is designed to teach you not just how to code, but how to be the kind of coder employers are looking for.

But can it really compete with a computer science degree? And if so, why?

What Coding Bootcamp Says About You

Coding bootcamp is tough. It’s a personal and financial investment that shows you have serious drive and you’re committed to excelling as a coder. Employers know that.

A computer science degree is incredibly valuable if you’re not sure what area of tech you want to go into. It’ll equip you to work in any aspect of computing. Coding bootcamp says, “I definitely want to code.”

What Coding Bootcamp Teaches You

You’ll leave coding bootcamp with a portfolio of projects using the most versatile programming languages and industry-relevant material. Employers want to see what you can do, and your portfolio will be designed to showcase exactly that.

A computer science degree will give you a wider portfolio but spread across several different coding languages that, in some cases, you’ll never use again. At coding bootcamp, you’ll build your expertise in the few most sought-after languages and be ready to make a meaningful contribution to projects as soon as you graduate. You’ll also have the tools you need to learn any new language and to solve problems creatively.

A computer science graduate will be qualified for a wider range of roles. But when it comes to coding, you’ll have studied it in a focused, in-depth way, and employers will know you have the skills to do the job.

A Safe Bet

In ICT, it costs about 10K to hire just one employee. As a coding bootcamp graduate, you won’t have to convince employers that you want the job, are likely to be a good fit, have experience of solving real-world problems, and can hit the ground running. Your experience at bootcamp will say it for you. It’s a good sign that that 10K will be well spent on you.

Anyone can write “quick learner” on their CV, but successfully graduating from coding bootcamp proves it. Add to that that there’s a growing gap between the number of skilled roles available and the number of university graduates available to fill them, and it makes sense that employers are increasingly looking to coding bootcamp graduates and self-taught coders to fill them.

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