Four tips to improve workplace happiness

Posted by Tilt Recruitment on June 1st, 2023

Four tips to improve workplace happiness

Posted by Tilt Recruitment on June 1, 2023

Employee wellbeing is not just the latest buzzword. When it comes to mental health awareness, companies today are doing a lot more to ensure the health and happiness of their employees, but could they be doing more? And what benefits does a happy workforce bring to your business anyway?


Happy employees create a positive workplace

Charity Mind UK recently conducted a survey during which they found that 21% of those they spoke to had previously missed work due to workplace stress. A staggering 42% also admitted that they were seriously considering resigning simply because work had become too much for them to cope with. The same survey found that 30% did not feel they could talk to their manager about how they were feeling with regards to workplace stress- yet more than half of employers the charity spoke to said that they want to improve their staff wellbeing. So what’s the problem? Lack of guidance, apparently.

The intentions are there, but employers just aren’t aware of how they can fully support their staff and improve their well-being at work. But does it really matter? Yes!

Happy employees create a positive workplace. Staff who are happy and supported at work are more productive, less likely to leave and more likely to want to grow and thrive within their role. Happy staff are more engaged and help to build a more positive brand for your company, enhancing your company reputation and ultimately reducing your staffing costs. They’re more easily retained, gaining valuable skills through training and fine-tuning their expertise- to your benefit.

Taking care of your staff just makes sense. So here are four tips on how to do just that.


Recognise your employees’ worth

Appreciate your team- and tell them that you appreciate them too. Feedback on the great things that they do, support them in their career aspirations and training needs. Nurture them, guide them and celebrate them. Give them freedom to carry out their tasks to the best of their ability, and identify the gaps where additional support can propel them further. And don’t forget that a great benefits package can go a long way to show your appreciation too.

Speak to your employees. Find out how they feel about their job, your company and their role within the team. And listen. Act upon issues that might come up, and show that you actually care about their feedback. All of this will help your staff to feel valued and supported.


Be a great communicator

You might have the right attitude, but do your employees know that? Are you communicating with them your thoughts, values and expectations? Nobody is a mind reader, so letting your employees know what is expected of them is crucial- but make sure that you’re able to communicate it effectively too.

If you’re able to demonstrate how important your employees’ health and well-being its, your staff will know that coming to you for support is ok. This in turn will create a team which is supportive of each other, able to identify needs and able to work together to achieve your company mission too. Ultimately, through good communication, you will be able to build your company’s brand and reputation via the team that makes it work.


Be a great leader

Lead your team well, and lead by example. Being a strong leader is a skill that develops and grows, so allow your employees to help shape you into the type of leader who inspires and supports you.

And if you consistently demonstrate positive work behaviours and attitudes, your employees will pick up on this and reflect it back. So get involved with company wellbeing days, team building exercises and after-hours socials. Spend time with your employees, demonstrate the importance of a work-life balance, and be on hand to ensure your staff have the right balance too.


Prioritise HR processes

The well-being of your employees relies on a robust and effective HR team, so making sure your processes are top-notch is essential. You need HR to create a supportive workplace environment, one which enables staff to feel valued and respected. Employees need to be able to check in on their own personal development, communicate with you and with others, and have access to employee rights information too.

If your HR department is able to implement and maintain good staff well-being policies, your team will benefit- and so will your business.



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