How an excellent candidate experience benefits your business

Posted by Claire Ashberry on November 30th, 2017

How an excellent candidate experience benefits your business

Posted by Claire Ashberry on November 30, 2017

Providing quality service to both our clients and candidates has always been our mission.

Being shortlisted at the 2017 IRP Awards for the award for “Best Candidate Experience”, a benchmark for the industry’s best stars to showcase outstanding performance and inspirational work, is a great achievement and confirms we are delivering against our mission!

But what does this mean for our clients…..?

A candidate driven market place means that candidates have more job choice than ever before when it comes to their careers.

There are also more IT recruitment agencies than ever before fighting to work with the best talent.

Agency candidate service is so important when you are entrusting the importance of your next hire to a third-party, it could mean the difference between your business hiring a candidate “in demand” that could propel your business forward, or not.

At Tilt Recruitment, we understand this and work hard to ensure our service to candidates is exceptional.

This means that your business would never miss the opportunity to hire the best candidates out there because of the way we engaged with them.

Find out more about our (hopefully) award-winning candidate experience by calling 01625 525 300 or visiting our website –

The winners at the IRP Awards are being announced on 6th December 2017, wish us luck!!

Claire, Hannah and the Tilt Recruitment team

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