How the Great Resignation will impact UK tech jobs in 2022

Posted by Tilt Recruitment on March 4th, 2022

How the Great Resignation will impact UK tech jobs in 2022

Posted by Tilt Recruitment on March 4, 2022

We’ve all heard of the “Great Resignation”, or as our friends across the pond call it, the “Big Quit”. And the post-Covid exodus of discontented employees looks set to continue in 2022. But what will this mean for UK tech jobs? Here are the key trends we predict:


Stay interviews

Exit interviews–those awkward HR conversations where you try to explain politely where you’re leaving–provide useful feedback for HR teams on why the company is losing employees and how to retain them.

But as the Great Resignation gathers steam, companies are turning to stay interviews–like an exit interview, but before the employee decides to exit. Stay interviews are about asking employees what would encourage them to stay–perhaps more support, a better pay package, or more opportunities for professional development.


Upskilling opportunities

This brings us to our next point. Many leaders are now giving their people opportunities to upskill. On-the-job training is nothing new, but in the current job market, education can be used to attract and retain talent. It’s especially helpful in retaining workers who are on the verge of burnout after two years working from home.


Focus on employee wellbeing

Online mental health app Ginger polled CEOs and found employee wellbeing was the area their brands had struggled with most during Covid. In 2022, addressing burnout head-on will be vital to protect and retain staff. Offering a good health package that includes regular check-ins, wellness days, and even free online therapy will become the norm for companies that want to succeed.


Faster hiring

Hiring processes that take months are on the way out. In a candidate-short market, companies need to be aware that most candidates have other offers to consider and won’t sit around for months waiting. Remote recruitment, including video interviews and digital feedback collection, is slashing time to hire.


Longer notice periods

On the flipside, we’re also seeing employees required to give longer notice periods, as finding quality replacements is taking longer thanks to the talent drought. While three months’ notice is normal for senior tech roles like CTO or CFO, it’s now becoming more common for developers and other more junior roles. However, this does come with a disadvantage–the risk of being stuck for three months with a disaffected employee who’s already mentally checked out.


Remote teams

Many employers are getting serious about building fully remote teams in 2022, offering a tremendous boost to diversity. For employees, this can mean a pay rise, especially if you’re able to keep your current salary but move somewhere where the cost of living is lower.


Employer branding

A natural consequence of the war for talent is a massively increased focus on employer branding, the company’s reputation as an employer. The more a candidate knows about an organisation’s culture, mission, people and purpose, the more likely they are to want to work there. Recent research by Jobbio found that a staggering 78% of candidates research an employer’s reputation before applying.

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