Impact of AI Advances in Recruiting

Posted by Tilt Recruitment on October 25th, 2023

Impact of AI Advances in Recruiting

Posted by Tilt Recruitment on October 25, 2023

Technology has always had an influence on the recruitment sector, limiting costs and delivering increased effectiveness in recruiting candidates. But, now with the emergence of AI, recruiters need to make use of technological advancements more than ever before to keep up with growing trends.


Nearly 25% of businesses are making use of AI to hire their talent which demonstrates the significance of artificial intelligence in the recruitment process. On top of this, nearly 90% of HR experts feel that artificial intelligence will enhance the hiring process for the better. Industries such as healthcare, education and retail are the first to utilise AI for the better in the recruitment process and this trend is expected to carry on to other industries.


Recent studies have found that AI has impacted the recruitment sector for the better, by enabling a quicker and more efficient hiring process. This impact of AI on talent hunting provides a multitude of benefits for organisations. Firstly, by locating the best talent AI can then assist in writing engaging emails as well as offer a range of other perks for businesses to recruit their talent. Let’s explore some more of these benefits.


Speed up the Recruitment Process

Studies suggest that over 85% of recruiters believe that AI has sped up their hiring process, showcasing that the use of technology helps to quicken certain tasks which would take time for humans to implement manually.


Time & Cost Efficiency

AI technology allows for the cost-cutting of tasks which hold little value such as sending our rejection emails or sending out application requirements to applicants. This means that recruiters can use their time and energy on other tasks, which saves time and money.


Reduced Bias

Around 70% of recruiters believe that the use of AI in the recruiting process will remove unintended bias. In some cases without the assistance of AI, talented candidates are being ignored based on racism and gender bias or in the case when someone has great support of someone in their contact What’s great about technology is that it eliminates such emotions, enabling talent to be discovered on their skills and experience without bias getting in the way of their application.


Final Thoughts

Artificial intelligence is a useful method of easing the recruitment process by saving recruiters time and energy. AI offers candidates a better overall experience through efficiency.  In this constantly evolving technological world, recruiters need to be implementing AI into their practices to achieve better results.


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