What do businesses need to change to keep Gen Z employees satisfied in the workplace?

Posted by Tilt Recruitment on July 20th, 2023

What do businesses need to change to keep Gen Z employees satisfied in the workplace?

Posted by Tilt Recruitment on July 20, 2023

With the Gen Z generation now entering the workforce after the difficult pandemic and during the cost-of-living crisis, their expectations and priorities are somewhat different to what were the expectations of millennials and Gen X. The Gen Z generation expect a more diverse workplace culture as well as flexibility within their roles, just to name two factors.

Yet, these changes in mindset from the new workforce shouldn’t cause fear in employers. Instead, businesses need to take this new mindset in positive force and use it to their advantage to develop happy employees who will thrive in their roles.

Whilst at first, it may appear that Gen Z has high expectations of the workplace, these expectations should not be pushed to one side. At the moment, over 65% of UK organisations are struggling to recruit candidates to fulfil the roles that they need. This shows that it is absolutely vital that businesses are attracting Gen Z talent to their company through the use of competitive benefits which will be attractive to the new workforce.

Almost 4/10 Gen Z workers stated that they have rejected work assignments due to ethical concerns. This statistic demonstrates the importance for businesses to keep up on top of ethicality within their organisation. Businesses now need to focus on building strong environmental, social and governance credentials.

In addition, Gen Z employees are also seeking roles which will bring them the opportunity to invest in their career development. Businesses need to offer their Gen Z workers access to personalised programmes which will help them to upskill and develop their careers. Companies which offer this type of career development will become extremely attractive to Gen Z workers.

Over 70% of Gen Z workers have claimed to seek permanent flexible working roles because since the pandemic they wish to prioritise a healthy work-life balance. With many Gen Z employees joining the workforce during the pandemic when hybrid and remote working was the norm, it has opened their eyes to the flexibility and benefits which come with remote working. Working from home saves time commuting, therefore allowing them to prioritise other things in their personal life. This is a benefit many Gen Z workers are not willing to miss out on, so it is vital that companies are open to offering more flexible and hybrid working roles if they wish to retain their best talent within the company.


Why is it so important to keep Gen Z satisfied?

With a skills shortage across the country, it is vital that the young talent entering the workforce who hold these necessary skills are retained within companies. Businesses can make small and simple changes which can keep the Gen Z workforce happy, and prevent them from leaving a company sooner than expected.


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