Land an IT Job With Soft Skills You Might Already Have

Posted by Tilt Recruitment on October 21st, 2022

Land an IT Job With Soft Skills You Might Already Have

Posted by Tilt Recruitment on October 21, 2022

A lot of people make the mistake of assuming that they are not cut out for an IT job, simply because they don’t have a specific set of soft skills. However, the key to being a success in the IT industry is having a genuine passion for the work, and having a willingness to learn. Though the technical side of things must be taught, soft skills are where it really counts, and you might already have a fair few of them.

Soft skills are those which relate to your personality. They cannot be taught, but they are key to interpersonal success and success at work. These are things like communication, problem solving and analytical abilities. If you have a lot of the soft skills listed below, you might have what it takes to land an IT job.


Soft Skills Needed For IT Success

  • Communication – When you are working in IT, you will need to help other people with their technological issues, and this requires good communication. Even if your role doesn’t involve you solving other peoples’ computer problems, you will still need good communication skills to convey your ideas to colleagues. There aren’t many IT jobs that are solitary, so being able to communicate with a team is a must.


  • Creativity – Many people underestimate the importance of creativity in IT, but it’s a useful skill to have. Without creativity, you are unlikely to come up with unique ideas and new ways of doing things. You might also struggle to help colleagues come up with solutions. As we rely more and more on technology, finding creative ways to use it is becoming paramount.


  • Organisation – A lot of IT jobs require you to be dynamic and productive at work, and this requires you to be organised. There’s bound to be various projects and tasks going on at once, and a lack of organisation could result in you dropping the ball. The more organised you are, the easier you will find it to keep track of your schedule and ‘to do’ list, and you will be able to prioritise the most important things.


  • Analytical Abilities – If you want to stand out in the world of IT, you need to possess analytical abilities. This soft skill allows you to find solutions to problems that come up at work, such as diagnosing technology issues and working out how to resolve them. If you often find problems before they arise or if you are keen to get a better understanding of how things work, you could have what it takes to land an IT job.


  • Project Management – Regardless of your specific IT job role, at some point you are likely to be handling multiple projects, which is why project management skills are important. Having the skills to properly manage your project will help you to set goals, reach goals and collaborate with others successfully. Project management skills are also beneficial if you want to move to a leadership position in the future.


  • Problem Solving – If you are good at solving puzzles, it’s likely that you will be good at solving IT problems. A lot of time in an IT job is spent trying to get to the bottom of why something isn’t working, whether that be a printer or a complex system. Though you can learn a lot of the technical skills needed to find a solution, having natural problem solving abilities is extremely beneficial.


  • Perseverance – There’s bound to be complex and confusing tasks when you are working in IT, and you need to preserve, even when the solution isn’t outrightly obvious. Successful IT professionals are those who are willing to put the time and energy into finding solutions, solving problems and helping others. Even after everyone else has given up, perseverance will help you to continue until the task is done.

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