The changing tech talent job market leads to changes in the recruitment process

Posted by Tilt Recruitment on November 25th, 2022

The changing tech talent job market leads to changes in the recruitment process

Posted by Tilt Recruitment on November 25, 2022

With a new economic cycle beginning, there are bound to be changes seen in various job markets. This is especially true of the tech industry. There are new strategies to consider, and recruiters are starting to prepare themselves for the challenges and changes this will bring. Though some companies – such as Netflix and Meta – are putting a halt on hirings, other tech companies continue to grow their teams, which ensures that there is a constant demand for tech talent. In fact, many companies are struggling to fill engineering and cybersecurity roles as quickly as they appear. Below, we have taken a look at how companies can keep up with the changing tech talent job market.


How to keep up with the changing tech talent job market


  • Update your recruitment process – It’s important to have a structured and consistent recruitment process, but also one that can be flexible when needed. With constant changes to overcome – such as new roles and positions, and changing employee demands – your recruitment process needs to be able to adapt when necessary. Having a structured recruitment process will help you to find and attract talent successfully, but this needs to be adaptive for specific roles and companies, depending on unique needs and recruitments.


  • Put people first – As a business, finding and engaging top tech talent is key, as this is what creates great products and services. However, this is only possible if you have a strong culture of supporting employee wellbeing and being a dependable employer. Without this empathy, attracting and retaining top talent becomes a lot more difficult. This is why recruitment needs to reflect what people want; do they want flexible working setups, or are they looking for specific upskilling opportunities? A lot of companies are already putting people first by choosing flexibility, by offering four day workweeks and remote working schedules.


  • Showcase opportunities to grow – A lot of top talent chooses a company to work for based on the range of opportunities to grow, and not just for the financial benefits. This is why it’s important to highlight candidate opportunities to grow and develop during the recruitment process. You could do this by offering them a unique project, or a workplace that goes above and beyond what is offered elsewhere. Showcasing opportunities to grow also helps to retain talent, making sure that they stay with the company on a long term basis, knowing that there is more to come.


  • Recruit quickly and adapt – It’s important to customise recruitment pitches to each candidate, and to approach them before your competitors. Top tech talent is highly sought after, and standing out as being the ideal company to work for is key. Highlight the benefits of working together, showcase your strengths and move fast when a candidate is interested in what you have to offer. It’s not enough to let candidates come to you, you need to approach them quickly and before another company hires them.


To successfully navigate the changing tech talent job market, companies must invest in their recruitment process now. This means learning how to best attract and engage top talent, and then hire talent quickly and retain them for the long haul. To do this, a structured and consistent recruitment process is key. There is no denying that the economic environment is changing, but that doesn’t mean the tech talent job market will come to a standstill.

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