The Rise Of Cyber Security Start-ups: The Only Way Is Up

Posted by Tilt Recruitment on March 11th, 2020

The Rise Of Cyber Security Start-ups: The Only Way Is Up

Posted by Tilt Recruitment on March 11, 2020

As the world moves online, more and more vulnerable data is moving online too, and cyber security is becoming more and more vital to protect that data from attacks.


This has led to a boom in cyber security start-ups, a huge demand for cyber security talent, and an expanding skills gap. There’s never been a better time to build a career in cyber security in the UK.


What’s more, the trend looks set to continue. Here are five factors in the unstoppable rise of cyber security start-ups:


  1. The worldwide impact of cybercrime


As cybercrime keeps evolving, and methods of attack become more sophisticated, businesses now face the risk of total destruction from a single attack. Well-known victims of cybercrime in recent years have included Target, TalkTalk, JPMorgan Chase, Fiat Chrysler, and Sony Pictures, whose co-chair Amy Pascal was fired following a high-profile breach of confidential data.


Perhaps the most notorious attack was on Ashley Madison, a site for people seeking extramarital affairs. Millions of customers’ personal data was leaked, leading to divorces, resignations and suicides.


These attacks have led businesses to realise that cyber security is no longer optional, prompting a host of start-ups to emerge to meet demand.


An estimated 56% of the world population has access to the internet. Every one of those people represents data that can be stolen. And studies have found that 90% of cyber attacks succeed because of human error. No wonder companies are looking to cyber security experts to defend them.


  1. The rise of the UK cyber security industry


Britain is a major cyber security consumer – and with good reason. The UK is the 12th most targeted country in the world for banking malware attacks, ahead of the US, Japan, Russia, Germany, France and Italy, according to Kaspersky Lab.


However, we’re also one of the world’s biggest providers of cyber security services. Recent research by Telefonica found Britain allocates more funding to cyber security than any other country except the US and Israel.




  1. What the cyber security boom means for the British job market


 As well as start-ups focused specifically on cyber security, established UK companies are also looking for in-house cyber security experts.


The demand for cyber security talent in the UK is rising faster than roles can be filled, creating a ‘jobseeker’s market’ where jobseekers have the advantage and employers are eager to woo them.


However, the wording of job listings in the field is often confusing and full of jargon, which leads to trouble with attracting talent and widens the skills gap.


  1. What skills do you need to work in cyber security?


To take advantage of the cyber security job boom, you need to combine technical skills with the ability to assess business risk. The specialist areas within cyber security with the highest demand for new talent are:


Penetration testing – otherwise known as ethical hacking. More and more companies are hiring ‘white hat’ hackers to find the vulnerabilities in their networks.

Security analysis – a huge growth area. Security analysts help to protect companies’ networks, data, computers and programmes by preventing, detecting and managing cyber threats.

Incident response – the cyber security ‘emergency services’ who rush to companies’ aid in the event of a cyber attack.

Data science and analytics – experts in big data and machine learning who work with cyber security software.

Soft skills – cyber security experts who can explain technical information in a clear and simple way are hugely in demand.


  1. How to build your career in cyber security


Your cyber security skills will open doors to unlimited prospects. Whether you’re new to the field or looking for a step up in your career, Tilt Recruitment has the information and tools you need for success.


Tilt has seen significant growth in cyber security, with many roles in this area cropping up. Click here to discover the opportunities.





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