The Tech Recruitment Market’s Current Top Trends

Posted by Tilt Recruitment on October 7th, 2022

The Tech Recruitment Market’s Current Top Trends

Posted by Tilt Recruitment on October 7, 2022

There has been a definite change in the priorities of the tech workforce in recent years, and this has had a noticeable impact on current trends. Since COVID-19, there has been a rise in the amount of tech talent needed across all industries, and workers have found themselves to be in high demand. This has led to many changes within the tech requirement market and, if they want to stay ahead of competitors, businesses need to hire with these trends in mind.


Flexible Working Isn’t Going Anywhere

According to recent figures, 80% of employers are planning to hire staff over the next year, and they are planning to make remote and flexible working a top priority. This means that the tech recruitment market is going to see a lot of employers looking for contracted and project work, rather than full time positions.

A lot of candidates are now looking for remote work and recruiters will need to highlight roles that offer flexible working opportunities, whether that’s fully remote roles or those with hybrid setups. Embracing flexible working will widen the talent pool, and employers will have talent to choose from far and wide.


Developers are in High Demand

There are a lot of areas of tech, but many of the jobs posted in 2021 were for developers. However, the top applied for roles were in different areas, such as IT support and project management. This is slowly changing as more and more businesses are embracing digital transformation. In order to keep up with digital transformation, businesses are needing to hire those with relevant skills, such as tech developers. This could be something they hire talent specifically for, or they could create effective training programmes to help meet the business’ individual digital needs.


Increased Demand for Cyber Security and Software Engineering Talent

A lot of online jobs postings in 2021 were for software development, infrastructure and IT support roles. Behind these, cyber security closely followed. Though these areas did see a drop in demand in 2020, they are now seeing an increased demand, which is leading to these roles being some of the highest paid jobs of 2022. For example, cyber security and software engineering roles could attract salaries of over £60,000 and £48,000 respectively.


Top Talent is Looking for Career Development and Job Security

A lot of people in the tech industry are seeking employment security and career progression, and they are purposely choosing employers who are offering those opportunities. This has led to a shift in the workforce and though salary is also a top consideration when someone is applying for a job, possible career development is what a lot of tech talent is looking for over anything else. Therefore, businesses and recruiters need to ensure that employer branding highlights these opportunities.

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