Top Recruitment Trends for 2024

Posted by Tilt Recruitment on January 4th, 2024

Top Recruitment Trends for 2024

Posted by Tilt Recruitment on January 4, 2024

At Tilt Recruitment, we pride ourselves on forging connections between exceptional talent and opportunity. While 2023 brought economic uncertainty, 2024 promises cautiously optimistic hiring amidst inflation relief.

However, competition will remain cutthroat for both client mandates and candidate mindshare. Continuous improvement ensures we deliver for all stakeholders as market dynamics shift. Here are some of the recruitment trends we’re watching out for in 2024.

Automating Administrative Tasks

As demand continues to rise, 2024 will stretch recruiters thinner still unless we introduce workflow efficiencies. Automating repetitive administrative tasks promises salvation from manual overload.

Tilt deploys intelligent assistants that tackle time-draining activities like scheduling, pre-screening, status updates and candidate relationship management. This liberates our consultants’ availability, boosting productivity up to 20% by channelling freed-up time into higher-value outreach and engagement.

Adapting to Evolving Candidate Expectations

From salaried roles to gig opportunities, those seeking work in 2024 expect streamlined, mobile-friendly experiences that balance human connections with digital convenience. Applications must move at a pace that matches short attention spans.

By designing omnichannel outreach, Tilt aligns recruiters and self-serve interfaces to nurture prospects through unified journeys. Our talent communities sustain relationships between assignments while chat integrations facilitate conversational engagement.

Consulting on Total Talent Strategy

With new recruitment trends changing workforce dynamics, adaptable recruitment models become imperatives rather than accessory offerings. Project hiring is evolving to complement full-time recruitment.

As specialist IT recruiters, we offer strategic consulting to guide clients on optimised deployment of permanent, temporary, and outsourced labour. Blending workforce types boosts organisational agility, makes scaling easier, improves access to niche skills, and saves costs.

Our consultants increasingly discuss total workforce composition during recruitment strategy reviews. We highlight options that benefit client productivity and budget continuity, whether suggesting fractional hiring for certain roles or advising on temp-to-permanent security.

By going beyond purely filling vacancies, Tilt builds resilient partnerships in turbulent times. Our ethos remains consistent, however – recruit exceptional talent, enable opportunity. The future demands nothing less.


Ready to unlock your full potential in 2024? At Tilt Recruitment, we’re passionate about connecting exceptional talent with unparalleled opportunities. Get in touch today!

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