Why Soft Skills are Important in IT Recruitment

Posted by Tilt Recruitment on November 9th, 2023

Why Soft Skills are Important in IT Recruitment

Posted by Tilt Recruitment on November 9, 2023

For a long time, technical skills were key when it came to IT recruitment. Employers, hiring managers and recruiters put a lot of emphasis on candidates with an impressive knowledge of programming, cybersecurity and a variety of other technical processes. However, IT recruitment has changed a lot in recent years, and there has been a noticeable shift towards soft skills.


What are Soft Skills?

Soft skills are non-technical, personal abilities and characteristics that help an individual to effectively communicate and interact with other people. These skills vary hugely, but they include a wide range of attributes including communication, time management, problem solving and being able to work well in a team. Though technical skills are still vital – without technical skills, it’s virtually impossible to complete the majority of IT roles to a high standard – and they are certainly looked at by recruiters, an increasing number of businesses are seeking candidates that also boast soft skills. This is because soft skills are what create a positive, productive and collaborative working environment.


Why Soft Skills Are Becoming More Important in IT Recruitment

There are multiple reasons as to why soft skills are becoming more and more important in IT recruitment. Firstly, the demand for IT professionals is booming, which has led to many employers putting a lot of emphasis on finding candidates that can thrive in a team environment, whilst also being able to collaborate effectively with other departments. Additionally, the fast paced and constantly changing nature of the technology industry relies on professionals who are adaptable, resilient and capable of critical thinking. Soft skills such as problem solving and adaptability give individuals the ability to remain agile in a continually evolving landscape.


It’s also important to remember that communication is paramount in the technology sector, especially amongst large and growing teams. Strong communication skills enable employees to share their ideas clearly and efficiently, which helps to ensure smoother collaboration among team members and helps to achieve common goals.


These skills become even more important when it comes to consultancy, which sees IT professionals work closely with clients on various projects and solutions. As an IT consultant, being able to build relationships and understand their needs is key. It’s impossible to do this without good communication skills.


How Soft Skills Impact Employee Retention

Soft skills also significantly impact employee retention. Employees who have strong soft skills are generally more engaged, motivated and productive in the workplace. They are also more likely to commit to a company on a long term basis, reducing employee turnover.


Soft skills also enable employees to work well in team settings and build positive relationships with their colleagues. This fosters a positive, welcoming and enjoyable work culture, which can boost employee morale, team cohesion and job satisfaction.

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