Why Tech Workers Prefer Hybrid Working Environments

Posted by Tilt Recruitment on August 12th, 2022

Why Tech Workers Prefer Hybrid Working Environments

Posted by Tilt Recruitment on August 12, 2022

According to a new report, tech workers prefer a hybrid working environment compared to a remote working from home setup. It sounds that employees in the tech sector prefer to be in the office for at least part of their working week. However, the report also highlighted that older employees prefer a fully remote way of working. Whereas younger employees prefer hybrid working, older employees prefer to work from home.


Generation Z and Baby Boomers Seek Different Working Models

Out of the 1,000 tech workers questioned for the report, those who are considered to be Generation Z preferred to work in the office full time. This is because it allows them to build connections with colleagues and presents them with opportunities to better further their career. However, a large percentage of tech workers who are considered to be Baby Boomers, said they preferred a full time remote working model.

This is likely due to the COVID-19 pandemic, and subsequent working from home enforcements, happening early on in the careers of Gen Z workers. They didn’t have the opportunity to experience an office working experience and the opportunities that brings, so they are now seeking that. For those who want to make a mark on the tech industry, building connections in person is important. For older workers, this is less of a concern, as they are further into their working life and have made connections already.

Amongst those who are considered to be Generation X and Millennial, a hybrid working style is preferred. Close to half of Millennials and Gen X individuals favour a hybrid and flexible working model, due to having responsibilities at home. Hybrid working allows them to manage childcare, whilst growing their career.


The Majority of Tech Workers Crave Flexibility at Work

Despite each age group having a clearly preferred working model, the majority of tech workers want to have flexible options at work and some are even willing to look for a new role if they are not given the flexibility they need. Almost all of the tech workers interviewed for the report agreed that businesses need to give employees the option to work remotely, with almost two thirds saying that not having the option to work remotely would encourage them to look for a job elsewhere.

A lot of tech workers who already work remotely would need to be convinced, possibly in the form of incentives and pay rises, to return to the office full time. There is also a small amount of tech workers that say no amount of money would convince them to go back into the office Monday to Friday, as it doesn’t provide the work life balance that they need.


In order to keep tech workers happy, companies need to cater to their needs and understand the benefits of flexible working opportunities. Not only does it provide a better work life balance for workers, but it helps a company to retain talent by offering them what they want.

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